Sintrol Snifter

Optimize efficiency of your dust filtration

The fast response time of the Snifter enables the earliest detection of broken combustible dust filtration systems which helps prevent expensive losses of equipment and lessens detrimental effects on the environment.

Sintrol Snifter devices make dust collection monitoring easy. Once installed, Snifter’s automatic setup function will adjust itself to the dust flow conditions of your application and use alarm signals to notify you of bag breakages.

Snifter A1+

Equipped with two fixed alarm signals, Snifter A1+ provides the plant operator an alert for small increases in the dust concentration as well as a notification for bigger breakages. With Sintrol’s automatic setup function, the monitor can be functioning within 10 minutes of installation.

Snifter A2

Using the DustTool software provided with the monitor, the Snifter A2 has two independent alarm signals for applications that require more flexibility with its outputs. After completing the automatic setup function, the operator can adjust the alert and alarm level signals to meet the needs of the process. Equipped with a USB connection to allow easy access to the DustTool.

Snifter mA+

For those that would like a continuous trend of the filter’s performance, the Snifter mA+ provides a 4-20 mA output to identify relative trends. Using the DustTool, the alarm signals can be adjusted to meet the operator’s needs to give indications of filter leaks or breakages.

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