Sintrol Dumo

Mitigate risk of dust exposions

Sintrol Dumos allow you to monitor hazardous dust concentrations in your facility. When elevated dust concentrations are detected, alarms are triggered notifying operating personnel. Dumos are capable of interfacing with existing emergency systems, aiding in early detection of hazards for both employees and company equipment.

Dumos monitor fugitive dust particles in ambient areas using inductive electrification technology. The Dumo is globally certified as intrinsically safe in a hazardous dust environment with IECEX/ATEX and MET certification in accordance with UL and CSA standards, Class II, Div I Subgroups E, F and G.

The Dumo is capable of monitoring particulates as small as 0.3 microns in diameter and can detect dust concentration levels down to 0.1 milligrams per cubic meter. The Dumo is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free. With a standard 4–20 mA output the Dumo can be easily integrated into existing systems such as a PLC in the control room. The Dumo has both an alert and alarm function that can be customized easily with the automatic setup feature.

Combining the Sintrol Dumo with our latest Dust-log 8 data logging software gives users full remote access and reporting information to store and track historical data. This enables plant operators to identify key trends and pinpoint abnormalities in dust levels over a period of time.

Rising concerns in regards to combustible dust in work environments have increased the demand for particulate monitoring systems around the world. The Sintrol Dumo is a unique monitor designed to help mitigate risk of exposure to hazardous combustible dust.

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