Dust Monitoring Solutions

Continuous Dust Monitoring

Combustible Dust Explosions are a huge concern to anyone in the processing business. A CSB (Chemical Safety Board) study found that 281 dust-related incidents from 1980 to 2005 killed 119 workers and injured 718. Regulations are now becoming stricter, and the need for fugitive dust monitoring systems are becoming increasingly more prevalent. Millions of dollars are lost every year due to these fires and explosions. The risk can be significantly reduced by regular clean up procedures and inspections, but it will always be present in any industrial environment.

VarSci’s solution is with our Continuous Fugitive Dust Monitors (CFDM). Our devices are designed to be permanently mounted. Therefore, they can be located in manned and unmanned locations. They will continuously monitor potential combustible and hazardous dust accumulation, and alert operations when levels become unacceptable. Through its radio link, or 4-20mA analog connection, it can be interfaced to your facility’s SCADA system, chart recorder, or other software to continuously trend approximate dust concentration levels.


Dust fires/explosions are triggered by 5 events happening simultaneously, this is called the Dust Pentagon. When a dust fire ignites, it is called deflagration. When primary deflagration occurs a shockwave is sent around the process equipment, causing accumulated dust in the room to go into suspension. Once the fire escapes from the process it creates a source of ignition for the now looming dust cloud in the area, this is secondary deflagration. The results are often deadly.